Even if Sincerity does not pay...
it Certainly Builds us...


PARTH RUBBER TECH PVT.LTD. founded in 1995. It is the first company in Ahmedabad Since the beginning, it serves in the field  of noise, shock  vibration to control and Wheels. Our comprehensive   range of standard & special purpose Anti Vibrating Mountings PADS/ISOLATORS,TRACK PADS,BUFFER RUBBER and SOLID RUBBER TYRES are our utilises in all the principal means of vibration,shock isolation and wheels and is backed by our “In House” computer design  facilities of testing characteristics  & performance. To-pay after investing a decade in this specialized area of operation with highly consontrating on quality, innovation & customer support. Parth Industries can rightly claims its leadership in vibration,amp; shock isolation and wheels.In addition to our standard Anti Vibration Mounting ,Track Pads,Buffer Rubber and Solid Tyres.amp; to meet the precise needs of the manufacturer of a project engineering application.

Our Quality is fundamental to all aspects of our services rendered & which is endorsed by ISO 9001-2008.
PARTH RUBBER TECH PVT.Ltd. is steadily and constantly fast growing organization due to complete dedication, sincere efforts, total quality control management and customers oriented services with unique combination of professional managers, well experienced and technically efficient staff. The manufacturing processes are supported by well equipped laboratory and an advanced quality assurance system. A technical and designing services are available from our own application engineers for new and existing problems.
Parth Industries are committed to the continual future development & improvement of products & service that meet with exceed  customers expectation &  regulatory requirement  in terms of quality, performance, reliability & delivery.
The collaboration & development of suppliers & employees shall be encouraged to ensure current & future needs & expectation of the business are understood. Each employee shall be given the responsibility & authority  for ensuring their contribution  achieve or exceed customer satisfaction from receipt  of an enquiry though design, manufacture & installation. Of a product.
In order to ensure that the quality system are capable of achieving the company’s objectives,  a quality system will be operated which confirms   in the requirement of ISO 9001-2008 quality management systems.
The quality policy its implications will be communicated to   all interested parties. Periodic reviews  will be undertaken  to determine the suitability & effectiveness of the quality system & identify continual improvement objectives required to fulfill the policy.

line.jpg The Quality Management System implemented by PARTH RUBBER TECH PVT.LTD. has been structured conform with and operated in accordance with the requirements of SQC, ISO 9001-2008.
The Quality Management System has been structured to identify the interaction of business and production processes operated by the company which economically assure and verify that our clients consistently receive anti-vibration control systems and services which are fit for the designated purpose, provide the required performance and reliability whilst conforming to health and safety factors.

Processes are continually monitored measured, and analysed and regular reviews of the Quality Management System are undertaken to ensure resources and information are available to support the system and that planned continual improvement objectives have been met..